Exhibition structures
For more than 20 years, Vector has been designing and manufacturing quickly erectable buildings for exhibitions, fairs and events. We can offer structures of various sizes and shapes to cater for every taste and budget.

We will quickly design, manufacture and install:

• Exhibition structures (covered area: 20 m2 and larger)
• Exhibition halls and pavilions (covered area: 800 m2 and larger)
• Peculiarly designed stands (the Barrel inflatable LED pillar and others)
• Exclusive marquees and canopies (13 types)

We can offer three types of portable buildings for exhibitions: pneumo-frame inflatable, air-supported and tension fabric ones, depending on customer requirements.

You can view all the examples of the installed portable structures for exhibitions in Gallery.

In the production of exhibition structures, high-quality PVC fabric from the German manufacturer Mehler Tecxnologies is used. The main advantages of this type of buildings are their price, quick production and installation. It takes just a few hours to install a small inflatable structure with an area of 35 m2 (e.g., mobile exhibition pavilion) and, when packed down, the entire set of equipment can fit in a minibus.