Tension fabric structures
The Vector company design and produce tension fabric buildings (TFB).
A TFB consists of a metal frame and PVC fabric shell, which allows creating buildings of various sizes and shapes.

The frame of a tension fabric building can be made from steel or aluminum.

Steel frames are more affordable. The use of an aluminum frame allows creating tension fabric structures that are light and durable (the expected service life of an aluminum frame is more than 70 years). Convenient fastening of the shell allows for quick replacement of the membrane without dismantling the metal structure.

Tension fabric structures are designed for various purposes. They can be used as hangars, pavilions, covered markets, indoor sports facilities, canopies, outdoor areas of cafes, etc. Fabric shelters are well suited for covering tennis courts, racecourses, stages and discos.

An advantage of tension fabric structures (sprung structures) is the possibility of their installing on any level ground as well as deploying in the shortest possible time.

Fabric pavilions are portable shelters and are not classified as permanent structures. Therefore, for their installation the minimum number of documents is required.