Inflatable hangars and warehouses
Inflatable hangars and warehouses
The design and production of quickly erectable hangars and warehouses is one of the areas of Vector’s activity.

For 20 years of our operation, we have installed more than 100 quickly erectable hangars and warehouses including pneumo-frame inflatable, air-supported and tension fabric ones.

These are reliable frameless structures that are used for:

• storing, repairing and maintaining airplanes and helicopters;
• storing and maintaining agricultural machinery;
• storing and maintaining motor vehicles;
• storing goods, fertilizers, spare parts, raw produce, building materials, etc.

Vector’s quickly erectable inflatable hangars are easy to install and relocate. An indisputable advantage of air-supported and pneumo-frame inflatable hangars and warehouses is that they can cover large areas of land without using internal supports. Another huge advantage is also their price.

Our team will design, manufacture and install any of the 3 types of quickly erectable hangars: tension fabric, pneumo-frame inflatable, air-supported one, focusing on the customer’s needs and wishes.

You can view all the examples of the installed hangars and warehouses in Gallery.

Installation of quickly erectable hangars and warehouses will protect your property from negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, hail, rain and snow. Proper storage can significantly increase the service life of equipment or goods. Take care of it right now!