Technical description

A pneumo-frame inflatable building (PFIB) is an inflatable structure, the load-carrying element of which is pneumatic arches supported by pressurized air – inflatable tubes.

Inflatable arches are connected into a single structure and form the frame of the building to which the shell is fixed. The frame elements and the shell of the structure are made of a technical fabric with PVC coating using the method of high-quality welding. All seams are tight and characterized by high strength. The design does not require a constant work of the air supply system. An air blower with an automatic pressure control unit turns on to maintain the desired pressure as needed. Depending on the frame design, inflatable structures are divided into two types: modular and single unit ones.

Modular pneumo-frame inflatable buildings

This type of buildings consists of sealed arched modules that are filled with compressed air. Each arch is sealed and connected to neighboring arches with special snap hooks, has an independent air supply from the blower. In case of damage and depressurization of an individual arch, the operational properties of the entire structure do not change, damage is easily repaired. A modular PFIB is easy to unload, transport and install due to the light weight of each individual module. This type of PFIBs can be easily transformed during operation: lengthened, shortened (by adding or removing some modules), two structures can be combined into one building.

Single unit inflatable buildings

A single unit inflatable building represents an integral sealed structure. This type of construction does not require an outer shell. It has a wide range of design options. However, this technology can only be used for structures with a width of no more than 20 meters.

Sealed inflatable unit

The material used is technical textiles from the world’s largest manufacturer of fabrics coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – the German concern Mehler Texnologies. Valmex and Polymar fabrics, with their excellent strength and performance characteristics, have proven themselves over many years of use in a variety of climatic conditions. The main operational characteristics of Mehler Texnologies fabrics are high tensile and tear strength; stain resistance; a wide range of operating temperatures; electrical insulation properties; low flammability; resistance to UV radiation and weathering; environmental safety.

Windows and doors

Pneumo-frame construction technologies enable a wide choice of equipment configurations. It is possible to use industrial automatic gates, reinforced plastic doors and even stained glass compositions. At customer request, we can produce pneumatic doors and gates. The simplest and most economical building entry / exit system – a flap of PVC fabric – can also be used. Windows of the structure are made of transparent material.

Air supply system

The air supply system is installed in an outside soundproof box and consists of the main and reserve air blowers, an automatic pressure control unit and a diesel generator. The main blower turns on periodically when the pressure in the structure drops and turns off when the upper limit has been reached. The reserve blower is activated if the main one for some reason does not provide sufficient pressure. In the event of a power cut, the diesel generator is turned on. The air supply system is controlled by an automatic pressure control unit.


In case with the concrete footing, an PFIB is secured with anchor bolts; when installing the structure on a soil foundation, ground screws are usually used. Another installation option is using ballast, PVC bladders filled with water or sand.


Good light transmission properties of PVC fabrics allow daylight to illuminate the structure. It is also possible to manufacture windows from a transparent material. If necessary, artificial light sources can be used. For this purpose, lighting fixtures are included in the package.

Creating indoor environment

To create a comfortable indoor environment, heat generators, hot air blowers and air conditioning systems of the best world manufacturers are used.